Monday, October 5, 2009

Tumble Bee

Cassie started as a tumble bee at the local YMCA a few weeks ago and I think this Jersey girl was meant to be a gymnast. She loves it and I love watching her! All that energy in such a lil' body! A power house to the tee, she goes at every activity with a 100% and I love it!

Uneven bars are so much fun!

The power house runner!

Miss "Bridge"!

Don't forget to stretch before your day!

Tired Girl

LOVE that Cassie insists she doesn't need a nap and then moments later is out for the count on the sofa!

Chop Chop

The Jersey kids LOVE to chop corn. I think they all do, both small and big kids! Lord knows we chopped plenty, enough to feed 350 milk cows and doing so, spanned over six weeks! This Midwest weather is one for the records books! It didn't matter who the Jersey kids rode with, they took turns with pulling wagons with Brian, cousins and hired help and a few times, they'd ride in the chopper with dad. Pulling wagons travels out of the corn fields and has "a lot more action," according to Tyler!

The new(er) self propelled John Deere chopper that makes all the Jersey boys drool! Loads wagons in four minutes flat, so I have to say, even I, was impressed!

Tyler just loves helping with all ends of the chopping business! He even helps seal up the bags when they are done and loves to help Marvin, our "bagger guy" and of course, Marvin always appreciates Tyler's help (Cassie too) and gives the Jersey kids a quarter after each day of hard work! Too cute!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tyler startin' kindergarten

I don't think anyone can prepare you for sending your child off to school. At least I wasn't quite prepared, even though my kindergartner was more than ready! What can I say, its tough being a mom. You long for them to gain independence and then when they do this--in spades--well, its hard to let 'em grow up and send 'em off on the school bus.
I'm proud! You all know that. Tyler is so ready and so grown up and really has matured over the summer. He is so proud of himself being able to get on the bus and go to school. He has really gained self confidence, by leaps and bounds, this summer, and it just makes this Jersey mama's heart bloom! He is ready: smart, creative, kind, articulate and ready to learn and have fun! He'll do great (and is doing great). Awe!
I held it together, for Tyler's sake. After he left on the bus, waving good bye to me and me to him, I broke down. My own mother assures me after doing this six times with her own children, that its normal and I'm non "loosing it." Only mothers know about this experience, how tough it is on US.
Kudos goes out to my hubby, God, I love him! He has been such a big supporter and trooper helping out where and when he can, with this new adjustment and routine in the Bohnert household. I will be fine, well, until Miss Cassie Ann makes her debut on a school bus, then round two will begin.
Happy Kindergarten Mr. Tyler! Study hard, have fun and watch out for those girls!

Dad & Ty at the school bus stop!
Cassie...all tears because she wanted to ride the bus, but when the sun came out the following day and she got to ride the trike to get Tyler off the bus, well, life was once good again!
Tyler Bohnert, 5, ready to hit the ground running with kindergarten!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Zoo city

A few days before we sent out kindergartner off on the school bus, we headed out for a family fun day, the four of us, which hasn't happened a lot this summer...away from the farm, that is. The sun came out (finally), temps warmed up and we headed to the local zoo for the afternoon. The Jersey kids LOVED it, continue to talk 'bout it and we enjoyed spending time as a family! Awe, wish we had more days like these. Full smiles, pure giggles and precious times that go too quickly.

Goats always make the Jersey kids smile and laugh. do the monkeys! They watched 'em forever and ever and we had to stop on our way out, to see them one more time! Tyler was memorized.

...both Jersey kids were. Probably b/c they are part monkey! Wait, part Jersey, that's right.